The Beautiful Ones – Australia, Thailand & Bali

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Places so beautiful they cannot fail to inspire, with Australia being the destination where we found our passion for beautiful wedding and event design. white+white weddings and events are one of the leading wedding planning and design companies in Australia, specializing in weddings throughout South East Queensland, Sydney and Byron Bay and together we create breathtaking event design across Asia, Thailand and exotic Bali. Working alongside each other, we bring together the best in international wedding planning and design, leaving you to enjoy a stress free destination wedding planning experience. Hawaii, Fiji and Mexico coming soon!

We have an extensive list of some of the best suppliers in the world who originate from Australia and Isla & Smith are in the privileged position to offer UK, American and European couples an easy and stress free way to plan a spectacular Australian wedding. Contact us for more information on how we can plan your perfect celebration across the world with ease.